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We found that most people care about two things when they want to buy meets, the cleanliness of the store, and the freshness of the meat. However, in Taiwan, there are not many meat stores achieve both expectations. The traditional meat stores sell the fresh meat, but people are concerned about the hygienic issue. And the supermarket provides a better shopping environment, but people argue about the quality of meat they sell. As a result, we are thinking about for people who have enough budget, how can we create a better choice for them to buy meets?



We interviewed people who have different preference on shopping in the traditional market and supermarket and see what’s the factor that affects their choice. And then we found that for people who love to shop in the traditional market, they like the relationship between the sellers and them. The sellers are really familiar with their demand and there is a trust between them. On the other hand, people who choose to shop in the supermarket is because of the convenience of the location and open time.



Our team decides to create a meat store that incorporates the demands of the target audience. The store will be located in every community, and build a strong relationship with local people. The meat we sell will all by the local farm, and be very fresh. As the result, the visual identity system aims to match these features. Therefore, we decided to create the style that looked really simple and clean and use the color that is close to nature. We hope people can feel comfortable while they are shopping at the store.