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The metamorphosis

How might we read the story from different characters' perspective?



When readers are reading a book, they often perceive things from the protagonist's leading character's perspective. Readers take protagonist's point of view to differentiate black and white; they follow that character's emotion to feel and fluctuate. In fact, people lose their own judgments from time to time, not only when they are reading books, but when they are reading the newspaper, watching TV or viewing other information. It is already a social phenomenon that people tend to lose themselves and take the point of view from the media. The novel ”Metamorphosis” is adapted from the literary work by Franz Kafka. “The Metamorphosis” will lead you to know the plot not only by the main character's perspective but also other roles' points of view. To rethink the plot from multiple perspectives, you might find out that there is always another side of a story. In the end, you might also find out the long lost but true opinion from yourself.



The entire story is divided into five sections. Each section of story is described by an independent book. And each book includes four characters, the Gregor Samsa, his mother, father and sister’s perspectives in that section. The readers can understand the progress of the story based on different point of view by reading those books. 

A lighting box is used to combine the perspective image by each character in each section. A slice of transparent plate drawn with the theme picture of this section is attached with each book. Three different color acrylic strips indicate the different point view of the Gregor Samsa’s mother, father and sister. While each color strip is put into the lighting box with the theme picture, the picture which the main character looks like in that section will be shown on the transparent plate. The readers are able to realize the view point of each character. Instruction for using this lighting box is illustrated in the video attached in slide room.

This part indicates the transition of Gregor Samsa’s vision on himself. While he considered himself is a human, his organs are looked like a human’s organ. But while he gives up to be a human, his organs changed to the shape of a bug. We use his organ to indicate his change in different section. For example, the normal size of his brain means that he still think he is a human. But his brain shrunk means he is becoming a bug.

The red part is reflecting the image from Gregor Samsa’s mother’s point of view. In this story, his mother always denied the fact that her son has become a terrible bug but has become a man. So we put a red acrylic strip to let readers to simulate his mother’s perspective. While the readers put the acrylic strip into the lighting box, they will see a shape of man’s face on bug’s back.

The blue part is reflecting the image from Gregor Samsa’s father’s point of view. In the story, his father is always afraid of that the bug will hurt his wife and daughter. In order to protect his family, he would attack the bug. Even though the bug is injured, he is still not able to see it. We use a blue acrylic strip to indicate the father’s point of view. While you put the acrylic strip into the lighting box, the part of wound on the bug’s body will be disappeared.

The white part is reflecting the image from Gregor Samsa’s sister’s point of view. In the story, his sister is really afraid the bug but she is responsible for taking care of him. So, the acrylic that represents the sister is the transparent acrylic with white lines. While the readers put the acrylic strip into the light box and move it up and down, they will see the pattern of the bug joggling quickly that indicates his sister is scared.