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An online platform to minimize summer learning loss for low-income K-5 students.


Every student experiences summer learning loss. However, students from low-income families face much greater summer learning losses than students from middle-income families do, and this gap has a significant impact on students’ future performance.

Even though there are many free learning resources available both online and in real life to help minimize summer learning loss, parents may not know about them, or not have the time or expertise to choose an appropriate summer learning program.

Hiatus is a platform that tackles the problem by providing free, high-quality online and local educational resources curated by education professionals. It helps elementary school students keep up their learning habits over the summer in order to minimize summer learning loss.


Summer learning loss in the USA

Every students learn at nearly the same rate while attending school, regardless of their socioeconomic background. However, summer break tend to exacerbate learning achievement gaps between students from low-income families and students form higher-income families


The limitation of existing summer learning programs

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Alternative Solutions

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The limitation of alternative solutions

Low-income parents may not have time, money and expertise to choose an appropriate programs for their children.


Insights from research

Hiatus found the main reason that low-income students do not take advantage of as many learning activities during summer as their higher-income peers is not primarily because there is lack of educational resources, but rather because there is lack of support for parents who must curate affordable summer learning activities. Thus hiatus invites educational professionals to curate the existing learning resources into curriculum which parents can easily choose and follow.


Target Audiences




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Educational Professionals

Teachers and administrators need to find ways to minimize students’ summer learning loss.
How hiatus can help
Educational professionals can curate free grade-appropriate online summer curricula and local educational activities, so students don’t forget over the summer what they learned during the school year.

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Parents and caretakers

Parents and caretakers may not have the time, money, or expertise to choose appropriate online summer learning programs and local educational activities.
How hiatus can help
Parents can confidently select a grade-appropriate curriculum for their child that is tailored to their state’s learning standards and to educational events happening in their city.



Students are often home alone in the summer, bored and unchallenged, because their parents don’t have time or money to send them to educational camps.
How hiatus can help
Students learn online and also attend local educational events and activities, such as summer reading program events at the local library, free days at museums, and educational programs at local historical societies, colleges, and universities.

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