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Super Power Training Kit

Let's create a better experience of taking medicine for children.

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Taking medicine can be a terrible experience for many little children and parents. As a result. how to help families having a better experience of taking medicine is the goal of the project.



After interview 9 people, I got some key insights. First, children who afraid of taking medicine are afraid of the taste of the medicine. Second, children who know how to swallow pills are more willing to take medicine, and many of them mentioned that the motivation of learning swallowing pills is to win their siblings or peers.



According to interviews, I found that creating a game to teach children swallowing pills can be the solution of the project. As the result, the outcome of the project is a training kit to teach children swallowing pills. The training kit is based on the story of getting the superpower.

By utilizing the training kit, children will have a daily challenge, as long as they complete the challenge, they get a superpower sticker. The training kit includes 10 types of powers when children earning all of the superpowers, they can get the prize. Also, children can compete with their siblings and peers by using the kit.

  • 10 days Training Pills | Guide Book | Sticker Board

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